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Training Curriculum

Training Curriculum

Module Name
Introduction to Digital Devices
Operating Digital Devices
Introduction to the Internet
Communications using the Internet
Applications of Internet(include citizen-centric services; Use of digital financial tools for undertaking cashless transactions)
Total Duration: 20 Hrs

Learning Outcomes / Competency Standards:

  • Understand the basics (terminology, navigation and functionality) of digital devices
  • Use digital devices for accessing, creating, managing and sharing information
  • Use the Internet to browse in an effective and responsible manner
  • Use technology to communicate effectively
  • Carry out cashless transactions using digital financial tools (USSD/ UPI/ eWallet/AEPS/ Card/ PoS)
  • Use Digital Locker
  • Use online citizen centric services
  • Appreciate the role of digital technology in everyday life, in social life and at work

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