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A Programme Management Unit shall be setup under the CSC e-Governance Services India Limited (CSC-SPV) for the implementation of the PMGDISHA Scheme. PMU will provide necessary support to MeitY towards implementation, management and monitoring of the scheme. The CSC-SPV: PMU would perform the following main tasks/activities:

  1. Overall coordination, implementation and management of entire scheme
  2. Coordinate with various stakeholders including other stakeholders such as industries, NGOs, etc. involved in similar initiatives like PMGDISHA
  3. Develop curriculum Framework / Courseware Multilingual Content in consultation with various stakeholders/experts
  4. Prepare guidelines and norms for accreditation of training institutions in terms of training infrastructure, labs, faculty/trainers, etc. in consultation with accrediting agencies like NIELIT, IGNOU, NIOS, etc. Also prepare norms for periodic monitoring and assessment of the quality of training provided, faculty, infrastructure at the centre etc.
  5. Develop norms for beneficiary selection, registration of candidates, and monitoring of training.
  6. Prepare Examination and certification norms in consultation with certifying agencies.
  7. Delivery of e-content through mobile phones
  8. Conduct workshops/seminars and other awareness campaign for various stakeholders to create awareness about the scheme
  9. Create suitable monitoring mechanism based on Aadhaar identification to avoid double accounting and ensure proper monitoring.
  10. Provide periodic information to MeitY and the State Govt. /District Administration for monitoring of the scheme.
  11. Ensure that all the deliverables are completed within the allotted timeframe and budget. Any deviation should be submitted to MeitY for obtaining approvals.
  12. Bring out appropriate mechanism for Aadhaar linked registration and examination of beneficiaries
  13. Impact assessment study(ies) of the scheme through a third party with due approval of MeitY.
  14. Develop Centralized Portal for the scheme preferably using Open Source Technologies. The portal would include a content management system along with i) online admission of documents for empanelment as Training Partner/ Centre ii) Dashboard Access iii) Registration/ Updation of Candidates iv) Central Repository of Content v) Assessment & Certification of Digital Literacy through Aadhaar enabled remote proctored examination vi) Drill Down data access and vii) Reporting.
  15. Develop Mobile App to make available training content in 22 scheduled languages
  16. Standard Operating Procedures for following processes would be made available:
    • Registration and Training of candidates under PMGDISHA
    • Empanelment/Dis-empanelment of Training Partner/Centre under PMGDISHA
    • Examination in PMGDISHA
    • PMGDISHA Payment Process
  17. Periodic internal review of the implementation would be carried out through Board of CSC-SPV.
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