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Assessment Process

Assessment Process

After the completion of training, the trained candidates shall have to undergo a term-end online examination at a centre of the certifying agency.

The training would be imparted through modules covering various subjects under digital literacy. The details of the modules are as below

Appreciation of Digital Literacy

Module Name
Introduction to Digital Devices
Operating Digital Devices
Introduction to the Internet
Communications using the Internet
Applications of Internet(include citizen-centric services; Use of digital financial tools for undertaking cashless transactions)
Total Duration: 20 Hrs

Questions for the assessment would be based on the modules covered. The number of questions and the time duration for the assessment would be:

25 questions, 60 minutes

Objective and True or False questions will be asked during the examination.

Do’s & Don’ts for Examination under PMGDISHA


  • Training centres will nominate the Examination Centre Superintendent, who in turn shall be authorized to verify the candidates at the time of examination and in case of any malpractice including impersonation cases, that ES will be held responsible and CSC-SPV shall take necessary action against that centre.
  • A training centre can allocate more than one Superintendent at the training centres .The Superintendent should have basic computer knowledge. He can be a government teacher, Government officers or a member of Panchayat
  • The Superintendent must be present at all times during the examination of the candidates
  • All the examination candidates shall have carry their original Aadhaar Card and photo Identity card. No photo copy shall be accepted during the examination.
  • Make sure that the photo on the photo identity card is clear and visible to the proctor
  • During the examination the proctors ask for photo and photo identity card of the candidates which might not be clear. The proctors ask to resubmit the same again and again till picture & identity card is clear, this increases the waiting time. Hence, it would help if a clear photo and photo identity cards are submitted on the first go.
  • Candidates shall carry their ID proofs while appearing for examination as proctor can ask for their ID proofs any time during exam.
  • The examination system should be equipped with basic software and infrastructure i.e. Web camera, Biometric Device & Updated Java
  • The examination centre / training centre should be properly lit during the examination so that the face of the candidate is visible during the examination. Lighting by torches, candles etc will not be acceptable
  • The distance between candidate and screen should not be more than 1.5 meters.
  • Make sure that the internet is at a relatively high speed. Low internet speed may result in connection breaks asking for re- authentication of candidates increasing the wait time.


  • During examination, devices other than the webcam should not be connected with the computer.
  • Make sure the candidate does not have any electronic device and printed text materials.
  • Do not install any remotes sharing software in the examination systems. PMU can take actions against centres following such practices.
  • The candidate shall not open any other tab or website during the course of the examination. The examination will cancelled immediately in such cases.
  • Make sure the candidate does not press the submit button before completing the exams.
  • Don’t move the camera away from the candidates face. It should be directly pointing at the candidate or else the examination shall be paused or cancelled.
  • No other person should be present in front of the camera other then the examination candidate. The examination will be cancelled.
  • The candidate is not to leave the computer for more than two or three minutes. The examination will be cancelled in this case.
  • In case of impersonation and forgery cases the training centre/ partner shall be blacklisted.
  • Do not disconnect the examination while the proctors are communicating with the candidate. In such case the examination will be cancelled and the centre/ superintendent shall be liable for further action against them.

Note: In case of repeated malpractices, forgery and cheating cases the centre/Superintendent/Partner shall be liable for any legal action to be taken by CSC SPV.

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