Workshop & Events
Weekly Newsletter, 03/01/2018

Workshop at North West Jorhat Block
Aiming to enrol more women from self-help groups in the north west Jorhat block in Assam, PMGDISHA awareness workshop organised in the presence of BDO, BPM, Block coordinators and CRPs.

The camp shed light on the vision of PMGDISHA scheme and the training process during the course. More than 50 women were present .

Workshops in the schools
In the view of getting more youngsters and women on board of PMGDISHA scheme, VLEs conducted awareness workshops at the schools and villages in the precinct in Majuli Rawnapar gram panchayats.

District-level meeting and workshop conducted
More than 21 VLEs participated in the district-level meeting hosted in at Tronglaobi Terakhongsangbi Gram Panchayat in Bishnupur, Manipur. The meeting was chaired by State Head, W. Dilip, CSC-SPV, DIT Manipur. DM's, DeGS Bishnupur district, district consultant, PMGDISHA, Bishnupur led the sessions during the meeting. The best performing TCs were honoured and encouraged.

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