Workshop & Events
Weekly Newsletter, 02/15/2018

Jammu and Kashmir
CSC organized a capacity building workshop on PMGDISHA at District Administrative Complex at Ganderbal.The workshop was attended by the VLEs of the district,students benefitted by the digital literacy scheme, district administration and the State Head CSC apart from District Managers and District Consultants.

A District-level meeting-cum-workshop was held at the Training Center of Bimol kumar, Public Library, Tronglaobi Terakhongsangbi Gram Panchayatin Bishnupur District. The meeting was led by State Head, W. Dilip, CSC-SPV, DIT Manipur. As many as 21 VLEs of PMGDISHA training centres participated in the meeting.

To increase the PMGDISHA enrollments, CSCs in Meghalaya initiated enrollment camps. The first enrollment camp was held on 3rd February 2018 at Kyrdem village, Ri Bhoi district where CSC SPV along with State Project Managers and District Managers were present to support VLE, Pynhunlang Mawroh. A total of 34 people were enrolled during the one hour programme and more enrollments followed throughout the day.

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