State Scan
Weekly Newsletter, 12/28/2017
Pranab Dey is a CSC-VLE hailing from village Sarashima, District South Tripura, Tripura. He operates a CSC center in his village and provides several services. As part of PMGDISHA Digital Literacy Programme, Pranab has registered around 119 candidates and 108 have been certified.

He has also initiated several workshops in order to spread awareness. According to Pranab, the beneficiaries are responding positively after being introduced to the PMGDISHA training. .

CSC-VLE Mr.Bikram Datta in Kadamtala Gram Panchayat, District North Tripura, ventured into PMGDISHA and started a training center in his village. He, through the training, equipped them with different aspects of digital devices including cashless transactions, email conversations and much more.

He enrolled the beneficiaries from backward communities in his village and conducted classes on basic computer operation. 250 candidates have been registered and 183 candidates have been certified.

Inspired and motivated CSC-VLE Mr. Rahul Das of West Gandhigram GP, District West Tripura, has done exceedingly well in spreading awareness and organising meetings and camps for propagating PMGDISHA in his Panchayat. Till date, he has completed 96% of his assigned target by registering 250 candidate (age: 14 to 60) for PMGDISHA training Programme, of which all 250 have completed their training and 225 candidate have passed the certification Exam.

Contact Number- 180030003468