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Weekly Newsletter, 03/22/2018
Women VLE’s from West Godavari strive to make every women in their village digitally literate
Women VLE Smt. K Meenakshi has formed a Women empowerment team with four members in Pydiparru village, West Godavari dist.
She chose PMGDISHA project as a best channel to make women in her village Digitally literates. The VLE has trained them made them on how to do digital transactions and operating the digital devices. Now the villagers doing online payments on their own.


PMGDISHA beneficiary becomes a MEESEVA Operator
A PMGDISHA beneficiary N Venkata Raju , trained under the PMGDISHA scheme acquired knowledge on system operating, operating digital devices and DTP during his course under scheme. He is now employed at a CSC, meeseva centre as a operator with a salary 5000 per month.

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