State Scan
Weekly Newsletter, 05/10/2018
New training centre
Daina Computer Centre, a CSC in Imphal West has set up infrastructure to start student registration under PMGDISHA scheme. As the beginning, the VLE DainaNgasepam registered 13 students under the scheme. CSC Ninthemkol, Ningombam and a computer training centre set up by VLE Somorjith Singh have also been actively registering students under PMGDISHA .

Workshops held
VLEs from Churachandpur District jointly hosted a day-long workshop to understand more about PMGDISHA and other schemes under CSC. District Manager explained about the services. VLEs also shared their concerns and hurdles during the event held.

District-level workshop held
A District-level Meeting-cum-Workshop was held at the Training Center of Bimolkumar, Public Library, TronglaobiAwangLeikai, TronglaobiTerakhongsangbi Gram Panchayat. The event was chaired by State Head, W. Dilip, CSC-SPV, DIT Manipur. Two DM, DeGSBishnupur District, District Consultant, PMGDISHA, Bishnupur and 21 VLEs of PMGDISHA Training Centres attended the meeting. It discussed to deliver quality services as well as to achieve the given target. Top 10 TCs were awarded T-shirts and caps during the event.

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