Weekly Newsletter, 12/20/2018
‘PMGDISHA brings colours to Uzma’s Dreams
For Uzma Irfan, it was a sheer surprise that literacy can also be achieved without pen, paper or pencil but simply with a computer and internet.

Ms. Uzma is one among the proud beneficiaries under Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (PMGDISHA) from Pulwama of Jammu & Kashmir. She has started a computer training institute in her village after completing the 10-day training programme.

“It is not just about becoming digitally literate. We have to move forward and implement the skills that we have gained through the learning process. Hence, I have started a training centre to spread the knowledge that I have gained through the course and my own passion for learning more,” says Uzma.

After setting up the computer centre, she has focussed on imparting digital literacy to middle-aged women and housewives.

“I strongly believe that these women can sharpen their inbound skills and passion with the help of technology and become self-reliant. So, I have designed courses in such a way that they explore the power of technology according to their need,” added the beneficiary.

Uzma has also efficiently used the social media platforms by creating study group on Facebook. “Social media platforms are not gossip corners. Those can be innovatively used for creating awareness and generating interests on various topics,” she says .

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