Weekly Newsletter, 09/13/2018
Young graduate aims to empower minority with PMGDISHA
After completing his graduation, Harshal Gajbhiye didn’t leave his native to seek a prospective job in the urban areas. Instead, he opted to stay in Mundipaar village in Gondia district for uplifting the minority community.

After a series of brainstorming, he found that digital literacy can empower the minority class in the village and he started working in the direction to make them digitally literate. As per the suggestions from his friends, he registered a common service centre in order to introduce Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan in the village.

He registered and trained members from the minority community. He primarily focussed on making the women-population digitally literate which will eventually make the whole village learn about the digital tools and devices.

He started various batches and also conducted PMGDISHA training programmes in the schools in the locality. The students stayed back for the training programme after the routine school classes and acquired knowledge about different aspects of the digital platforms.

Harshal has completed the training and certification of 250 candidates and majority of his beneficiaries come from minority community. VLE said that most of the students have enrolled for advanced courses after getting certified under PMGDISHA.


Union Minister Smriti Irani announces Pindara Thakur village as “DigiGaon”

Union Textilies Minister, Ms.Smriti Irani inaugurated on Saturday (01.09.2018) “the DigiGaon” initiative at a Village in Amethi District as part of efforts to provide people access to Government Services. During the inauguration of “DigiGaon” in Amethi( U.P), she said that the CSC movement had transformed into a movement of change bringing services like banking, pensions, digital literacy and telemedicine to rural and remote villages through electronic infrastructure.

Also present during the launch ceremony were Dr.DineshTyagi (CEO-CSC-SPV), District Magistrate of Amethi, Ms.Shakuntala Gautam and Hon’ble State Minister Sh.Suresh Passi. Mr Passi ,said that the CSC project is providing sustainable digital access to rural communities and are giving the necessary impetus for upliftment of the rural community.

Under the DigiGaon Village initiative, Hon’ble Minister Ms.Smriti Irani also inaugurated a Common Service Center(CSC), that would provide digital access to 100 + Government Services, at Pindara Thakur Village in Musafirkhana block in Amethi. She also mentioned that in order to serve the ladies, especially young women, sanitary napkins are being prepared under the “Stree Swabhiman Yojana” in all 13 Blocks of Amethi.

DigiGaon or Digital Village is conceptualised as a connected village where citizens can avail various e-Services of the Central Government, state Governments and private players in rural and remote villages in the country. These DigiGaons are projected to be change agents, promoting rural entrepreneurship and building rural capacities and livelihoods through community participation and collective action. The digital villages have been equipped with solar lighting facility in their community center, LED assembly unit, sanitary napkin unit and Wi-fi choupal (rural Wi-Fi infrastructure and a slew of suitable applications).

These villages are running the regular CSC services like banking, health, education, financial services, and a host of other services. In the initial phase villages like Dhanauri Kalan (G.B.Nagar), Sultanpur(Ghazibad) &Pindara Kothari (Amethi) in Uttar Pradesh, have been chosen for Digigaon Or Digital Village

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