Weekly Newsletter, 05/03/2018
Note: The winners of Swachh Bharat Pakhwada drive and BR Ambedkar drive should share their ticket copies on cscacademytraining@gmail.com email id before May 10, 2018. The travel expenses have to be borne by the VLE. Food and accommodation arrangements will be taken care of by CSC SPV.

Advocating sustainable development with uplifting differently-abled.

CSC is also a ray of hope to the differently-abled people as well. CSC has unprecedented number of success stories that addressed the issues from employment to social integration with regard to the differently-abled beneficiaries.

Saidala Ganesh Kumar from Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh explored the world of computer and internet from VLE Kadoni Sudhakar who runs a computer training centre under PMGDISHA.

Equipped with the modern computers and high-speed internet service, the centre was successful in generating inquisitiveness in the beneficiaries.

Mr. Kumar, affected with low visibility and orthopaedic disorders, completed his certification under PMGDISHA.

“Sudhakar was a person who was supportive and gave me extra care during the programme. The 20-hour training programme helped me to learn about totally a new world. I strongly believe that the power of digital literacy will wipe out my disabilities,” says Saidala Ganesh Kumar

A more engaged and empowered community of differently-abled people will help the society to have a sustainable growth.

Contact Number- 180030003468

Email- helpdesk@pmgdisha.in