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Weekly Newsletter, 01/07/2021
VLE SK Riajul Islam Success Stories
Meet SK Riajul Islam from Birbhum District, It's been two years since he started his own CSC Centre and has focused only on serving and helping the citizens of his district. Once he heard about PMGDISHA and its benefits for the citizens, he immediately started working on it and trying his best to serve everyone as much as he can. This is motivating him to work even harder now to serve better to the citizens. In the beginning, it was a bit difficult for him to convince people because it is very difficult to give training to people for free of cost and explain its benefits but he has gradually come to terms with some of his friends and assistants who have helped him a lot in this training. One of them is computer hardware networking and the other is mobile repairing. These are the two training he primarily provides to the citizens.“Today I am very proud to be working in the right direction as I have been able to teach people something and people have benefited a lot from it and my CSC earning from PMGDISHA has increased a lot so I am very satisfied to do CSC work.” Says Sk Riajul Islam .

Contact Number- 180030003468