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Weekly Newsletter, 11/22/2018
workshop was held in RS Pura, Jammu
A workshop was held in RS Pura, Jammu in which 14 VLEs took part. They encouraged all villagers and especially women to participate in PMGDisha training. They also popularised the project through newspaper, television, radio, etc. Villagers are participating in PMGDisha training camps with keen interest. Women, especially, are outshining male population and are very happy with this service.VLEs are also providing training in govt. schools, etc. as it will help remove the social gap between rural area students and urban area students.Feedback received from certified students is very good as they are able to use digital devices like smartphones & laptops. Also, they are able to use the internet for sending and receiving email, etc.

A PMGDISHA workshop was held at Government high school,Khara Madana, Samba, Jammu and Kashmir by VLE IdhnnanKhan. The 10 day training programme taught students about Digital Devices, Internet and their uses .

district level workshop
A district level workshop under PMGDISHA was organized at Town hall, Dhanbad in Jharkhand. The Deputy Commissioner along with DIO and DEO attended this workshop and motivated participants about Digital literacy. About 236 participants (VLEs and Officials of Education Department) attended the workshop.

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