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Weekly Newsletter, 04/08/2021
PMGDISHA Success Story
PMGDISHA proved to be the game-changer for the VLE Nazrul Hoque from Maroi, Darang. It does not only provide him financial support but also give mental satisfaction as well for serving the digital education to the rural citizens. He was much delighted when physically challenged women (Pramila Begum, aged 48) smiled at me and successfully operate a basic mobile, called on my number, and informed me that she can use it now. The very spirit and concept of rural digitalization through CSC has changed the scenario of rural life. He has registered more than a thousand students under the PMGDISHA scheme and gets them certified. Rural people of his GP are very much eager to learn about digital devices like mobile phones, computers, etc. and they willfully approach my CSC Center to get enrolled in PMGDISHA.


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