Workshop & Event
Weekly Newsletter, 03/07/2019
VLE Meeting held
Aiming to accelerate the implementation of PMGDISHA scheme, VLEs from Balrampur assembled at the Block Office in Rajpur. SDM Mr. Shiv Banarjee and Additional CEO Mr. B.S. Sidar spoke during the meeting.

The participants collectively discussed about the implementation of scheme in every gram panchayat of Rajpur. Both the officials inspired and motivated the VLEs to maintain quality of the training programme and examination process. District coordinators including Deepak Mishra, Nishant Tripathi, and Atul Mishra were also present .

PMGDISHA certificate distribution held at Sunel in Jhalawar district, Rajasthan.

Uttar Pradesh
Village-level Entrepreneur Meenu Singh from Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh distributed PMGDISHA certificates to the beneficiaries during an event held.

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