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Weekly Newsletter, 07/05/2018

PMGDISHA meeting hosted
PMGDISHA state consultant Dilip Wangkhem and district consultant Munindro Sapam jointly held a meeting at the District Information Technology (DIT), Imphal, Manipur. As many as six VLEs participated during the event.

The VLEs were asked to accelerate the registration and training process to achieve complete digital literacy status. Various problems and issues were discussed with the state and district officials and Training Centres from Imphal West. Establishment of training centre like NIELIT and IGNOU were also being discussed. Apart from PMGDISHA, state consultant also emphasized the importance of services available in the portal where a VLE is responsible to carry out at his/her locality and promote CSC, Banking, Insurance,Education, etc.

Completing the registration of 250 candidates was mutually agreed to carry out within a month’s span. .

PMGDISHA workshop was held at Purba District of Midnapore in West Bengal. VLEs from the district and even from the neighbouring precinct participated during the event.

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