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Weekly Newsletter, 01/07/2021
VLE Mohidul Islam Success Stories
. Meet Mohidul Islam, running the CSC centre under Panchayat No. 1 in Labpur Block, West Bengal since November 2017. When he heard about the services of CSC primarily PMGDISHA, he immediately contacted the District Resources. He has been doing awareness programme in his district Birbhum for PMGDISHA in various High School & Colleges and also Gram Panchayats, Blocks, Circles in the entire district. He even went to the nearby villages and organizes a camp about it and from there he registered many students under this project.At present, more than 500 students have been registered in his centre, out of which 450 students have completed their examinations, and about 300 students have been given certificates

Contact Number- 180030003468