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Weekly Newsletter, 04/26/2018
Certificates distributed
Hailing from D.Hirehal Mandal of Anantapur District, VLE M Ramachandra thought of introducing computer literacy programme in the remote hamlet.
Getting more information from the nearby CSC, Ramachandra set up his own and started imparting computer training under PMGDISHA in the ZillaPanchayat Higher Secondary School (ZPHS).
As many as 210 beneficiaries including students and Anganwadi workers were awarded certificates during an event held here .

Certificates Distributed
VLE SM Vamshee Krishna Reddy from Paramandodi village awarded PMGDISHA course completion certificates to the beneficiaries during an event held at school here. More than 170 students received their certificates. School headmaster K Ram Murthy and state and district coordinators of CSC were present during the event.

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