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Weekly Newsletter, 05/23/2019
VLE Profile: Anand Murugesan
“Digital Learning is learning facilitated by technology that gives students some element of control over time, place, path and/or pace.” VLE AnandMurugesan uses this statement to inspire more students for digital literacy programme under PMGDISHA.

The villagers has started browsing different government websites and started accessing emails and other social media platforms after completing the training programme.

According to beneficiaries, Anand helped them to book the railway and bus tickets digitally.

Sundaravalli from Theni imparts digital literacy
Sundaravalli started her CSC service in June 2017 in her Pottipuram village. She registered the PMGDISHA project and started the programme with just three computers. She is more interested in doing PMGDISHA project and make their villagers digitally literate. She is running PMGDISHA as one of the major project. The VLE has enrolled 177 candidates and 117 candidates certified. She is also doing services such as PAN card, FSSAI, Crop Insurance, etc and also BHIM project.

VLE Profile: Alaguraj
VLE Alagurajruns a PMGDISHA centre at Mathalampari village in Tenkasitaluk, Tirunelveli district.He has been keen in serving the villagerswho were not having digital literacy. The VLE has taken lot of efforts in promoting the PMGDISHA scheme in the whole village through door-to-door campaigning and also using auto rickshaw for the project promotion. Now he has registering more number of candidates in his Panchayat. He focussed on self-help group workers and most of his candidates were housewives.

Contact Number- 180030003468