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Weekly Newsletter, 09/19/2019
Madhya Pradesh continues making mark in PMGDISHA
Madhya Pradesh seems keen on adopting digital literacy with open arms as the registration numbers since the National PMGDISHSA Day have been rising. On the day of registration drive, that is on September 5,Madhya Pradesh had recorded a total of 78,257 registrations. Madhya Pradesh VLEs have been proactive in bringing more and more people for PMGDISHA. With the sudden boost and encouragement following National PMGDISHA Day, the registration numbers have been gradually increasing. Keep up the good work VLEs.

PMGDISHA registrations on at Betul in Madhya Pradesh.

PMGDISHA registrations on at Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh.

PMGDISHA registrations on at Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh.

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