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Weekly Newsletter, 09/06/2018
New computer training centre inaugurated at Sonna
Aiming to make denizens aware of digital tools and devices, a new computer training centre has been inaugurated at Sonna gram panchayat. The centre will impart digital literacy to the villagers under Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan.

Sonna gram panchayat secretary Vijay Chalavadi inaugurated the centre during an event held here this month. He pointed that it is high time that villagers need to be aware of technology and devices to prosper.

“Digital literacy is one thing which we lag in the rural areas of India. However, schemes like PMGDISHA will enable the rural population to know about the digital world,” said the secretary following the inauguration.

He also said that the course will enable the citizens to carry out cashless transactions which is part of the learning modules. VLE Ravi kumar Naganagoudar has set up the centre and he has expressed his vision of transforming the village to a complete digitally literate place in Karnataka. Other gram panchayat members and CSC officials were also present during the inauguration .

PMGDISHA campaign held at Gaddanakkeri
As part of popularising Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan, village-level entrepreneur Mahesh Kumar had conducted awareness campaigns and rally at Gaddanakkeri gram panchayat in Karnataka.

VLE Mahesh Kumar, through the drive, explained the villagers of Gaddanakkeri about the importance of digital literacy and emphasised that one person from each family should undergo the ten-day training programme.

He also explained that the scheme has been launched by the Government of India and is ––totally free. According to the VLE, the villagers have shown great enthusiasm towards the scheme and had enrolled themselves to learn about the digital tools and devices.

Moreover, he also sought support from the youngsters who worked as the volunteers in spreading the message across the village. The youngsters had been working relentlessly to familiarise the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

These youngsters have become the ambassadors of PMGDISHA at Gaddanakkeri in Karnataka.

According to Shrikant Ramesh, a beneficiary, the scheme has helped him to know about the digital world and the services it offers for a common man.

“Being a farmer, I was totally ignorant about digital devices and its purposes. However, the training programme shed light on few aspects which I found really helpful for leading an easy life. I am also able to teach my fellow workers and my family members,” said Shrikant .

PMGDISHA campaigns held at Bellari
Bellari district of Karnataka has been very actively promoting Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan across the district. Most of the events held in the district has seen a huge participation and all the efforts of village-level entrepreneurs has helped the district and the villages to transform the place to a digital district.

In order to accommodate more villagers and make them digitally literate, a new centre was inaugurated at Kallahalli in Hosapette, Bennakallu gram panchayat in HB Halli and Shivapura in Kudligi. More than 100 villagers including the beneficiaries participated during the inauguration. Moreover, the village-level entrepreneurs from the neighbouring gram panchayats also participated for the inauguration of the new centre. The citizens have shown great interest in getting enrolled under the programme.

After completion of training programme certificates were also distributed during various held in the district. VLEs, Panchayat officials, CSC officials have been participating and distributing the course completion certificates to the beneficiaries during the various events held in the district .

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