Weekly Newsletter, 12/21/2017
Nirupama Chhatoi aka ‘Digital Didi’

Mrs.Nirupama Chhatoi started her journey as a VLE in October 2016.After imparting education on digital cash transactions and other services under PMGDISHA, VLE Nirupama Chhatoi is now popularly known as 'Digital Didi' in Alanda.

The villagers have started praising her for implementing the scheme as the digital knowledge has made their lives easier.

Her constant focus on quality of service for connecting with people helped to earn credibility and respect.People are in praise of quality of her service and admit that her CSC centre has saved time and money for them.

Digital Didi has trained 250 Students in her CSC till date of which 226 have been certified.

Contact Number- 180030003468

Email- helpdesk@pmgdisha.in