Weekly Newsletter, 11/29/2018
‘RISE’ in the Digital Era
It was the sheer passion of VLE Shivakumar Hooli that led him to introduce and implement Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan among a group of differently abled community of youngsters.

The VLE, who has completed BCA from a small hamlet named Narendra in Dharwad District of Karnataka, started CSC in 2014. During NDLM (National Digital Literacy Program), he had trained about 1400 ASHA & Anganwadi women.

While implementing PMGDISHA, Mr. Hooli was keen in identifying marginalized people for enrolling under the scheme. Finally, he ended up in approaching RISE Trust for the Disabled foundation, where he thought that this will be the right place to implement the scheme.

Presently, he is running a batch for 30 students who are completely “Deaf & Dumb” who can understand things only through sign language. People with disabilities need to lead better lives and want to be active contributors and participants of the society in which they live

Contact Number- 180030003468

Email- helpdesk@pmgdisha.in