Weekly Newsletter, 06/28/2018
PMGDISHA helped to transform Thiruvamathur village to digital
PMGDISHA took off in Thiruvamathur, Tamil Nadu in the time of demonetisation. The villagers had no access to internet or other digital banking solutions when Gnanavel S introduced the scheme to the villagers.

The denizens of Thiruvamathur enthusiastically enrolled themselves for the course. The villagers started the digital transactions after the completion.

A PMGDISHA district level workshop was conducted at Villupuram District by Mr.DhineshBabu. Scheme of PMGDISHA was fully explained by him. “The syllabus of the coaching is prescribed in a simple manner and students understand very easily and it created awareness among the student. I had trained 247 beneficiaries as a computer literate under PMGDISHA program,” said Gnanavel.

PalanivelSengodan from Salem and Karthikeyan from Somur have made more villagers digital literate. .

Contact Number- 180030003468

Email- helpdesk@pmgdisha.in