Weekly Newsletter, 06/27/2019
Weaving dreams with digital literacy

Rehmoo is a young girl who lives in a remote village of Pulwama district. After receiving training under digital literacy scheme, she has opened her owned small business outlet, which provides her good source of income. She also provides training to other women in her locality and had become a source of inspiration.

Her story is inspirational because she comes from a part of the country which is predominantly male-oriented and women are not encouraged to come forward in most fields. With the onset of twenty first century, women have started taking an active part in society and economy in order to recreate themselves in circumstances which were previously denied to them. Government of India has also undertaken many initiatives from time to time to enhance the role of women so that they can participate in all areas and sectors to build stronger economies improve their quality of life and bring gender equality.

Her boutique is totally based on computerised embroidery services wherein she uses computers to make her designs and sells them to other outlets and earns a lot of money. She has also opened a tailoring institute where women learn how to stitch and make different designs. In addition, she has now mastered the art of using online designs and applies the same in her boutique. She is very thankful to CSC as it is only through this that she has become the first independent girl in her locality .

Contact Number- 180030003468

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