Weekly Newsletter, 12/27/2018
VLE Irshad promotes PMGDISHA despite of the militancy situation in the region

Village-Level Entrepreneur (VLE) Irshad Ahmad Mir runs a CSC at Tral in Jammu and Kashmir. Despite of the militancy situation; Irshad is keen in promoting Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (PMGDISHA) in the village.

“Though there are many glitches in promoting implementing digital literacy training programme, I have been aggressively campaigning on the scheme as I believe that it may change the mind-set of the villagers,” says Irshad.

The villagers have expressed great enthusiasm to get enrolled under PMGDISHA. He completed the target of registering 250 candidates out of which 209 beneficiaries have been certified.

According to the VLE, the panchayat officials were very supportive for the implementation of the programme.

“I have tried to implement and deliver almost every service of Common Service Centre. Apart from PMGDISHA, the banking service has attracted the villagers to the centre,” he added. He also delivers the services to the doorstep of the villagers.

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