Weekly Newsletter, 08/23/2018
Woman-entrepreneur transforms Ambala
Alka Rani has taken it upon herself to raise the digital literacy standards of villagers in general and women in specific in her small village Dubli in Ambala.

She is supported by gram panchayat officials and CSC for the endeavour for the transforming the lives of people at the grass-root level.

Alka introduced Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan and she conducted number of awareness drives to familiarize people with the scheme and the benefits.

Following the awareness drives, the villagers queued up at the CSC centre located in the village and enrolled themselves for the scheme. She has completed registering 250 candidates and 238 beneficiaries have been certified.

“Technology makes people self-reliant and motivates one to move on in life. That is what prompted me to introduce PMGDISHA in the village. Apart from the basic training suggested in the curriculum, I always advise my students to move ahead and explore to become financially independent and push them to innovate,” said Alka.

Beneficiary Dinesh Kumar said that he has started seeking information through internet and is becoming self-learner.

“I can fix basic issues in the electronic devices with the help of internet. I have started prefering to browse in the internet for a comprehensive information on anything and everything,” says Mr. Kumar

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