Weekly Newsletter, 06/21/2018
‘Making world a better place to live'
For VLE Manju nath Dodamani, his soul aim is to ‘make world a better place to live’. With CSC providing an opportunity to do something for the needy and also for the rural population with a unique yet simple program called PMGDISHA opened up a whole new horizon for people like Mr.Dodamani who wanted to do something for the rural crowd.

PMGDISHA is a unique platform which has helped people like Mr.Dodamani to realize his dream of service backed by monetary rewards as well. He registered as a VLE, and decided to venture into PMGDISHA and started a centre in rural location. He mobilized people in the rural areas in temples and mandi’s and shabhabhavans, educated them about cashless transactions and also importance of digital literacy to one person for every house.

He also motivated them to encourage their children to know about computer and digital devices. This effort resulted in being a known VLE in Dharwad District, Hubballitaluk, Gambyapur GP who have completed 250 PMGDISHA registration and assessments and also eligible for the new 250 registration through PMGDISHA with the help of CSC Digital Seva Portal .

Contact Number- 180030003468

Email- helpdesk@pmgdisha.in