Weekly Newsletter, 02/21/2019
‘PMGDISHA spreads happiness in remote Mohdabad village'
Mohdabad village, situated on the banks of Karmanasa river River in Chanduli,Uttar Pradesh, is a tribal hamlet which is not accessible with any mode of transport. One has to cross a wooden bridge to reach the remotest village in the state.

However, enthusiastic VLE Firoz Khan was not moved by any sort of hurdle and introduced the population to the world of technology. “They have not even heard the term ‘Computer’ before we reached,” said Firoz.

He enrolled them under PMGDISHA and imparted training on various aspects of digital world and technology. “Initially, they didn’t show interest. However, the devices and its application developed their inquisitiveness,” VLE added.

He completed the training programme within the stipulated time and conducted examinations. The villagers cleared the exams and have been expressing their gratitude to Firoz and the entire CSC team making them digitally literate. The villagers also praised the union government for introducing such schemes .

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