Weekly Newsletter, 09/19/2019
West Bengal’s State Registration Drive proves valuable

On 16th of September, 2019, West Bengal observed the day as West Bengal PMGDISHA Day and the registration drive continued on Day-3 as well. The purpose of the day was to register maximum number of people under PMGDISHA. The work of VLEs at every block or gram panchayat level is creditable. From the remotest of villages to approaching the distant beneficiaries, VLEs are going that extra mile for registrations.Camps have been put up at different places, schools, panchayats or even individual visits are being made for the registrations.

The registrations included candidates of all age groups.The vision of PMGDISHA is to make at least one person in every household digitally literate, and train them to operate digital devices such as tablets, smartphones and computers.

The learning includes browsing internet, emails, making digital payments among others. The classes are free of cost for people between 14 and 60 years of age and around 20 hours of training upto a duration between 10 to 30 days.

PMGDISHA registrations on at Mothabari in West Bengal.

PMGDISHA registrations on at Bhangar block in West Bengal.

PMGDISHA registrations on at Mayureswar in West Bengal.

PMGDISHA registrations on at Jashahari in West Bengal.

Contact Number- 180030003468

Email- helpdesk@pmgdisha.in