Weekly Newsletter, 07/19/2018
PMGDISHA triggers digital literacy in Kothabhuin, Odisha
Dushmanta Kumar Pradhan, after completing his higher studies, aspired for a government job. However he was destined to serve the villagers by running a CSC centre.

He sought the information by contacting the toll free number and was excited to know about the digital services delivered through CSC.

He initially started with PMGDISHA enrolling the whole neighbourhood for the project. “Though I had to cross many hurdles for delivering the quality service, it got better over the period. The low connectivity of internet was the primary glitch. However, we have upgraded the internet services at a 4G speed,” says the VLE.

Apart from the Kothabhuin gram panchayat officials, the denizens also extended their total support to make the project a big success .

Contact Number- 180030003468

Email- helpdesk@pmgdisha.in