Weekly Newsletter, 04/19/2018
PMGDISHA beneficiaries get their thoughts sprouting

M GovindaRao understands the value of digital literacy first hand because he himself has started earning his livelihood from the scheme.
Mr.Rao, who was a beneficiary under PMGDISHA scheme has started a Common Service Centre in Garupadu Village in Andhra Pradesh.
After learning basic operations of computer, internet and digital devices he stepped forward to learn deeper about the concepts. He also started working as a DTP operator after completing the training programme.
Mr.Rao has ventured as a village-level entrepreneur under CSC and is delivering number of digital services in the village. He is also imparting computer literacy by introducing the PMGDISHA scheme in the village .

PMGDISHA beneficiary N VenkataRaju also started earning his livelihood after completing the digital literacy course with PMGDISHA. Mr.Raju is working as the Meeseva operator nd handles the DTP works

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