Weekly Newsletter, 10/17/2019
It is better late than never, says beneficiary Kaberi Das from Odisha

Kaberi Das is a student who belongs to a low-income family from Jagatsinghpur in Odisha. Technology was always of interest for Kaberi since childhood but she was unable to learn computers because of the financial condition of her family. She says that the scheme Pradhan Mantri Garmin Digital Shakshyarta Abhiyan(PMGDISHA) had brought some hope for her and was a great opportunity for her to know about computers.

Kaberi expresses her gratitude towards the Government of India as PMGDISHA is charges no fee to enroll. It was her dream to become a digitally literate person and PMGDISHA made it possible. She pointed out that the Prime Minister had said that when he talks about 'Digital India', he is not referring to the rich, but to the poor.

Kaberi says that PMGDISHA has changed her life as the purpose of the scheme say to provide quality technical and digital training in both theoretically and practically to a large number of youth from the backward or rural areas. “PMGDISHA has made me digitally educated and has created create economic, social and cultural opportunities for me,” says Kaberi.

When Kaberi learned about the scheme, she enrolled for it to know about computers, its operations and uses. After the successful completion of the 10-day training programme, her life has changed 360 degrees. “Now I use Smartphone even for her my day-to-day requirements including mobile recharge, bill payments, etc. I have also started using digital payment services and stopped the frequent visit to the banks. As internet is loaded with information, it has become easy to learn and understand. PMGDISHA has helped me become independent. I also got a job at a cyber centre and get a salary of Rs 6,000 every month,” says a confident Kaberi.

With a smile on her face, she added, “Today me and my family feel proud of my growth.”

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