Weekly Newsletter, 01/14/2021
Digital Literacy Campaign proved to be a Ray of Hope for Rural Women
Due to the technology change in India, it is becoming difficult for the villagers to cope up. To end this, PMGDISHA VLE Pushpa Devi, a rural entrepreneur of Hajipur Gram Panchayat at Digital Model Town Bansur Alwar Rajasthan, was once reduced to the threshold of the house after marriage, joined the Prime Minister Digital Literacy Campaign, and became digital literate. And today as a rural women entrepreneur, she is helping other girls and women become digital literate in the village. Earlier villagers had to travel 16 to 17 kilometers to learn computer, but today with her CSC in the village, Pushpa Devi serving the citizens at their doorstep. She has registered over 105 rural women and has given them training, and conducted the examination as well.

Contact Number- 180030003468

Email- helpdesk@pmgdisha.in