Weekly Newsletter, 04/11/2019
‘Better Late Than Never- Supriya Verma, A Beneficiary'
It was a late realisation for Supriya Verma from Rohtas in Bihar that internet offers a plethora of services. She quickly got enrolled for Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan after being cheated by a mobile recharge shop.

“I wanted to recharge and went to a shop. However, the mobile was not with me and paid the money on his confirmation,” narrates Supriya. She said that the storekeeper cheated her.

On sharing this incident with a friend, Supriya came to know about the e-recharge services. “He also told me about PMGDISHA which sheds light on technology, digital devices and services,” she added.

After completing the 10-day training programme, Supriya has totally transformed and uses smartphone for meeting most of her day-to-day requirements including mobile recharge, bill payments, etc.

“I have also started using digital payment services and stopped the frequent visit to the banks. As internet is loaded with information, it has become easy to learn and understand. This has made me bold and independent. Thanks to PMGDISHA,” said Supriya.

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