Weekly Newsletter, 08/08/2019
A youth’s transformation from unemployed to entrepreneur

It is said that ‘Change starts in your thoughts.’ This change or transformation has opened new avenues for the youngsters in Bhoyana village in Dhamtari district, Chhattisgarh. For those who had no life beyond their daily activities -- attending school or helping out in the farms. However, with the digital literacy initiative being carried out by CSC, the life of the people in Bhoyana village is witnessing transformation for good.

One such youngster of Bhoyana village Yogeshwar Kumar Sahu opted for the digital literacy training at the CSC of VLE Tanuja Raichura in September 2016. Though he was a graduate, Yogeshwar was unable to find a job for himself and remained unemployed for long. At the time of enrollment at the CSC, all he knew was to operate a feature phone. He was ignorant about smartphones and computers. Yogeshwar showed a lot of interest in learning about operating a computer. He also helped VLE Tanuja inform other people in his locality about digital literacy training.

Sensing his proficiency in picking up digital skills, VLE Tanuja trained him to become an Aadhaar supervisor. With the right efforts, Yogeshwar passed the test and started working in VLE Tanuja’s CSC. He would help in providing various services like Aadhaar Enrollment, online banking, Internet surfing, etc. at the CSC.

After gaining much experience and learning all about managing the services of CSC, Yogeshwar applied for his CSC ID in October last.

He has come a long way since then. Today, Yogeshwar is the proud owner of his own CSC in Bhoyana and provides various online services to citizens. He has also applied for Banking service, RAP registration and UdyamJyoti. Yogeshwar says, “My transformation from an unemployed youth to a village-level Entrepreneur has been possible because of digital literacy training. For this, I am thankful to CSC and VLE Tanuja.”

Yogeshwar Sahu helping a elderly women for the Aadhaar Enrollment process at VLE Tanuja Raichura’s CSC

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